Finding Conscious Partners

Finding Complete, Conscious Partners

When we join a partner in an aligned learning processes we are uplifted and enhanced.
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Recognizing Defenses: How To See And Value Defensive Patterns

Defenses provide a superficial framework of identity about who we think we are. This series of classes examines the four major Defense Styles—Dynamic, Disarming, Distant and Disnamic—helping us to transcend this protective conditioning.
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Owning Our Creative Gifts

The goal of this series is to awaken our creative nature so we can discover our creative gifts and ways of being that bring us joy. The Creative Actualization Pyramid Process is a way to deepen our understanding of our creative energies as offered in Owning Our Creative Gifts. In order to build your personal Pyramid, you need 5 of these classes - your Mental Body Expression, Secondary Expression, and the 3 levels of your Primary Expression.
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